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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
« on: January 29, 2017, 08:25:35 pm »
I wanted to point this game out because it's a game I've found fairly interesting.  As you can probably tell by the name, this is a mobile game based on Dragon Ball. 

Overall, the game is fairly simplistic.  You form a team of 6 characters, and you choose a 7th character each time you play from a randomly-generated list of people on your friend list and people selected at random who are the same level as you.

At the "menu" level, you basically form teams and upgrade characters in a fairly normal RPG/card sense that's been seen in other game.  That is, you obtain characters that then level up, and many can be upgraded into new versions of themselves based on items of various rarities you gather; this is a fairly common mechanic in mobile games you may have seen before.

It takes stamina to "play" a level (the normal thing of stamina regenerating over time).  Once in a level, your character enters a map where you choose between random numbers of spaces to move and which paths you want to take to try and land on the tiles you want to gather items, fight enemies, etc.  All levels end with at least one unavoidable battle.

In battle, you are given 3 characters each turn who rotate in from your whole team; within these 3, you align them to choose who will get attacked by which enemies and who will attack which enemies.  For each character, you determine their attack by playing a simple mini-game that gives energy to each of the characters (the mini-game sometimes causes you to choose who needs the energy more), and the attack performed is based on the amount of energy gained.  The game has the standard color wheel mechanic of 5 colors where each color is strong against something, weak against something, and neutral to the other 2 colors.  Early in the game, correctly aligning characters to favorable color matchups is the primary mechanic of the game, but as you progress more, it becomes more about using characters who passive skills and link skills synergize well.  Passive skills are skills that automatically activate (though there may be a condition, like a certain amount of health), whereas link skills are skills that only activate if two characters with the same link skill are active (example: two characters with the Super Saiyan link will boost each others attack).  Higher-end characters tend to have 6+ link skills, leading to lots of potential combinations.


The game is simplistic, but what's really attracted me to this as a mobile game is that it's by far the best mobile game I've seen in terms of play as long as you want whenever you want.  You can literally be mid battle and just stop playing, then come back on 12 hours later and pick up mid-fight (very good for occupying yourself on the move).  A full stamina bar lets you play for quite a long time, and fully recharging your stamina only costs 1 gem (though that would probably be closer to like 10 gems by clash standards), meaning that if you want to keep playing for a long time while sitting at an airport, it's pretty easy to do so.

While this is a matter of perspective, the major downside to the game is arguably its simplicity.  In some ways that's a good thing, but recognizing this isn't like Final Fantasy where you're choosing between 10 different abilities each turn.  For the most part, you're basically trying to make sure that high amounts of energy go to your big hitters, and while some of the attacks do have special abilities (like chance to stun, for example), this is fixed based on the character, such that if they attack like this, they will always do so.