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Mountain Thunder Clans
« on: February 11, 2014, 12:56:34 am »
From our recruitment thread...

Quote from: poypoyking

The Mountain Family is comprised of four clans (over 180 active members):

Mountain Snow - A farming clan, any archer level allowed and families welcome. Clan Wars weekly on Monday. Feeder clan to Creek and Stream.
Mountain Creek - A farming clan, level 3 archers required.  Adults 18+ only. Clan Wars every other Friday. Feeder clan to Stream and Thunder.
Mountain Stream - A farming clan, level 4+ archers required. Adults 18+ only. Clan Wars every other Friday. Feeder clan to Thunder.
MountainThunder – A farming clan with occasional trophy pushes. Level 80 and level 5 troops are required. Adults 18+ only. Please note that MountainThunder is one word when you do your search. Clan Wars weekly on Friday.

General info: We are full if you see 48 members so please don't feel rejected if we reject you or let you in and ask you to come back or go to another one of our clans. If you don't leave willingly or no one was able to accept at the time but then someone did and you are no longer active you will probably be kicked. If you are rejected or kicked, you won't be able to attempt re-entry for 24 hours. Our clans feed into one another as they go. Snow melts to Creek, which flows to Stream, then somehow turns into Thunder

Clan Wars: The clans are on a weekly/bi-monthly Clan War schedule. Frequency is subject to change in each individual clan per the clans desires (see clan descriptions).

To join, please change the default "I want to join your clan" message to "I found you on the SC forums" or something similar when applying. Applicants will be rejected without this message.

Rules are simple:
1. Must be Mature
2. As all clans say, no drama. Cruelty, name calling, racism, and bullying will never be allowed and will be cause for instant kick.
3. Donate what is asked. Archers are default. Clan War donation requests will be updated every week. Make sure the current date is on the request before donating and donate only what is asked.
4. Elder will be given as earned by loyalty, trust, respect, and lastly by your activity.
5. There is not a minimum donation to stay in the clan. There is however a minimum to maintain Elder or Co-Leader.
6. Have fun and don't drink the purple juice!

We have our own forum at Pop on over and check us out.

I will update this thread as needs change based on our current membership.
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Re: Mountain Thunder Clans
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 11:58:55 am »
FAQ: I applied for your clan in-game but was rejected, why?
- You did not change the default join message
- Your join message was poorly written, made no sense, in a strange language, etc
- A Clan War is just about to begin or is in progress; all new members are rejected during Clan Wars as we finalize our active clashers, and adopt defensive counterintelligence
- Each of our clan is considered FULL when we are at 48/50 members in-game; the last 2 spots are reserved for membership transfer between our various clans

FAQ: I was removed from the clan due to inactivity, can I come back?
- Yes, however if we're FULL you'll be required to join the waiting list
- If you informed us of your inactivity prior your leave of absence, and keep us informed of your planned return, your readmission would be accorded a higher priority
- If you plan to be inactive, do drop us a note on the forums, and move to "Mountain Villa"

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