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Read Me
« on: September 20, 2016, 07:00:56 pm »
Mountain Thunder and Mountain Creek specific rules

Mountain Thunder is a serious war clan not to be confused with a hard core war clan (there are several posts on the forum providing more details on this).  As such please adhere to the following:

o  Before warring we require an individual to register on our forums.  See thread after this one (How to: Forum Access) for this simple process.  It involves you submitting registration info, getting approved and submitting on an email to confirm.  Feel free to message in chat that you have submitted your request for approval.  Be patient please, for a Co-lead to get on the site and approve you.
o  We are an mature clan albeit some more than others..i.e. 18 or older.  Average age is probably 35ish
o  We have minimum requirements which are TH9:  40+ combined heroes, TH10: 50+ combined heroes, TH11: 60+ combined AQ and BK.  TH9's with AQ and bk less than 25 will likely fare better in Mountain Creek than Mountain Thunder simply based on the war match-ups that occur tend to be very top heavy.
o  We war twice a week on Tuesday and Friday and we expect people to war.  If heroes are down or you have something going on where you can't that's fine but if don't plan to war for an extended period to exceed a month you may want to consider shifting to Mountain Stream or Villa until you plan to war again.
o  When you war we expect you to get in both attacks..always.  If an emergency arises please inform someone but we are serious about this...
o  Missing an attack will likely result in being be benched for a war maybe more.  Excessive missed attacks will result in being booted.
o  We expect the lower 50% to get their attacks in early.  Please get in at least 1 attack very early and the second one on the day 1 if possible.
o  We like people to communicate in chat on war especially toward the end.  Feel free to ask advice on attacks, style, army etc and especially what base to hit.  This becomes more crucial on day 2 toward the end.
o  No sniping of course..don't ask. 
o  We use clash caller to manage our attacks (  You will find a link normally under the given clan link in the forum usually that will take you there.  If not you will see a clash caller code posted.  Call your attacks and note there is an expiration period (3 hrs) for your called attack so check it before attacking.  Update Caller after your attack with results.
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Re: Read Me
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Just read it thanks for the help!